Your post is great, but has it been copy edited?

Avoid embarrassing content errors and publish with confidence by getting your tech blog posts reviewed and QA’d by a professional copy editor.

Tech writers in growing companies are under immense pressure to produce quality content at relentless speed. Yet just because a post is written doesn't mean it's ready to be published. Often the hand types something different than what the conscious mind intends, due to fatigue, rush, multitasking, or unconscious tendencies affecting what is actually written.

To make matters worse, often the writer's eye also reads what their mind intended, not what actually gets typed on the screen. See the copy editing resources on this page demonstrating some funny but common typos. Further, speed is often achieved at the expense of clarity and sustained reader engagement.

What does a copy editor do?

Copy editors approach content as reader advocates — reading the text not from the writer's but from the reader's viewpoint. In that sense, they are the "first readers" and the “last line of defense” for a given post, fulfilling the function of "quality control" for the blog.

What is the Tech Blog Copy Editing service?

This copy editing service — discussed via email/Slack rather than by phone or in-person — checks tech blog post language/grammar accuracy, enhances flow and readability, and offers recommendations for improvement. The copy editor takes a constructively critical approach to the text, highlighting problematic wording and transitions, and recommending quick fixes.

Who is this tech copy editing service for?

This service specifically serves tech (cloud, SaaS, infosec, analytics, visualization, IoT, AI, ML etc.) companies’ blog content editing needs. It suits those who want express editing without fully engaging a copywriter. As a copywriter with 20 years of experience and a full client schedule, I ran out of copywriting bandwidth, so I’m providing this limited-time copy editing service to continue serving new clients in a content editing and quality assurance capacity.

What does this tech copy editing service include?

This is a language editing service that includes checking your blog post, within the terms & conditions below, for:

  1. Spelling and grammar
  2. Confusing wording/sentence structure
  3. Broken links & links copied with unintended UTM's
  4. Consistency of reference for recurring terms
  5. Consistency of writing tone
  6. Contradictory statements
  7. Credibility of product/service claims
  8. SEO-friendliness of draft structure
  9. Internal/external linking opportunities
  10. Potential plagiarism issues

Copy editing service terms & conditions

  • • Draft format: Google Doc, GitHub, or MS Word
  • Content type: Tech blog posts
  • Method: 1 round of edits, tracked changes, comments
  • Flat rate: $100 per 500 words
  • Payment schedule: $100 prepaid (remainder on delivery)
  • Payment: Online or via bank/check
  • Turnaround time: 24 hours from receiving initial payment

Tech Blog Copy Editing by The Write Cure — it’s like a surgical scrub targeting ambiguity and inconsistency to safeguard content integrity.

* The Write Cure reserves the right to decline any project with unreasonable requirements or that does not fit the service terms & conditions listed above.

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